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Is Your Outdoor Kitchen Protected? Step Outside Now

Outdoor kitchen enthusiasts hate the moment when they have to pack up all summertime accessories and return indoors. But if you have fun outdoors and love spending time around the backyard kitchen, all you have to do is find the perfect covering solution for you.

That’s the ultimate way to expand your staying outdoors and also, protect the kitchen and everything that comes with it – the outdoor kitchen countertop, the oven and all appliances, the storage space, just to name the basics.

While the options among outdoor kitchen coverings are not innumerable, they are all great. Your decision lies on the home structure, the location of the outdoor kitchen, your taste, your budget. Let’s examine the options.

Is a pergola sufficient for the outdoor kitchen?

Pergolas are excellent structures for all parts of the yard. They cover decks, patios, walkways – why not the outdoor kitchen? The only downside here is the way pergolas are made.

You see, their main characteristic is that their roof is semi-covered. They usually have a lattice design or boards of timber parallel to each other and so, the roof is semi-open – hence, there’s no complete protection from the weather, just some shelter.

Of course, you can order a custom pergola and design it to your needs. But if you cover the roof completely, this won’t be a pergola anymore but a gazebo. Alternatively – and depending on the weather in your location, you can cover the roof with fabric or even fiberglass that will still allow the sunlight in, while protecting from the elements.

Or, will a gazebo be a better choice?

Of course, if you need full protection, a custom gazebo is the best choice. Impressive as much as pergolas, gazebos have the extra advantage of the roof. Plus, you can have the gazebo shaped any way you like it and thus, match exactly the outdoor kitchen design.

How about a canopy roof?

The most cost-effective solution for the protection of the outdoor kitchen is a canopy. The designs are numerous, the shapes and sizes vary to meet everyone’s needs, and the canopy is easy to install. Obviously, the elements may take their toll on the material, which although strong, it’s not as durable as the metal and wooden gazebo and pergola choices. But in the defense of canopies, they are much easier to replace.

Ever considered an outdoor room – so to say?

Let’s say that you plan to install an outdoor kitchen now and considering the covering options as well.

The question is this: is there a protected space at your backyard? For example, an extension of the indoor kitchen or the living room which is covered by the building – by the first-floor terrace? If so, you’ve got yourself a perfect place for an outdoor room – i.e., an outdoor kitchen.

Ask your outdoor kitchen builder if this is a good location for the installation in terms of size, shape, etc. If it is, you just found yourself not only the ideal location for the outdoor kitchen installation but also a place where the covering is already there.

This is a very convenient scenario since it will be easier to get power, have all types of outdoor lighting, and transform this part of the backyard into a great living space – so close to the indoors but still outdoors.

It’s clear that your decision is often shaped by the structure of your own home. It is also influenced by your pocket since all these coverings are priced completely different. The good news is that they all work just fine and can protect both your outdoor kitchen and your days spent in the backyard from the elements all year around.