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About Us

About Us

Endless Summer Outdoor Kitchens  is about to become your favorite team. We are the company to call if you want an outdoor kitchen in Brevard County, Florida. We are the creative team to trust that will provide so many design ideas to fill quite a few backyards. You most likely know that one small idea is the beginning of something big; maybe, revolutionary; perhaps, something extraordinary.

So, do you have an idea? A vision? A dream? Do you just wish there was an outdoor kitchen builder transforming your backyard living space right now? Are you picturing an outdoor kitchen with nice cabinets, an ample sink, and a beautiful island at your backyard? It’s time to make all that, and anything you dream, come true. Ready to explore your options and the reasons why we are the Space Coasts Outdoor Kitchen company to trust? Let’s do this.

Let’s talk about our Outdoor Kitchens & Backyard Living Spaces first. Shall we?

We are Brevards professional outdoor kitchen  company. This simply means that we are in this business for quite a while. Building outdoor kitchens is second nature to us. Becoming creative to offer impressive – always functional and tailored, solutions, is part of what we do. Our experience in this field, the many years we have spent at backyards and doing this job taught us many things – facts that we put them to work, to scrutinized consideration for the benefit of the customer. Building custom outdoor kitchens is actually one of the last steps of multiple tasks, involving measurements, studying designs, working on layouts

Time to explore the reasons why you need a pro outdoor kitchen contractor

As summer kitchen contractors with a huge experience, we know that what precedes the implementation of the project is of the utmost importance. You see, not all properties are the same. Some have lots of space. Some don’t. Some have slopes. Some have an intricate shape. At the same time, we need to consider the requirements of the customer, choose the best materials, talk about colors and designs. The whole idea is to create an outdoor cooking area with all the amenities necessary, with as much counter and storage space as possible, with materials that will last for years and years.

Last, never least. Our customer. You. Your outdoor kitchen. Let’s get started

Never let the hassles of such projects get in your way. After all, that’s why you turn to us. We do all the hard work, from the summer kitchen design ideas and the layout to the construction and installation. It all starts with your call, a visit at your home, an inspection at your backyard, discovering what you like, what you want. So, should we get started? Ready for some ideas on outdoor kitchens and backyard living space solutions? Let’s chat or meet.